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Epilogue - Le Chef, Le Mineur, les Aubergistes Dominants, et le Chien

Authors: Mel and Tarabeth                        

Characters: Steve and Jean-Jacques 

WARNINGS: The epilogue contains a lot of BDSM content including flogging, paddling, spanking, whipping, chastity, and bondage.  If this makes you uncomfortable it is not necessary to read the epilogue for the story to make sense. 


Jean-Jacques was laid out, blindfolded and unrestrained on a narrow lightly padded table, while Steve stood over him.  J.J’s cock was straining hard, but it was untouched as his Dom had demanded.  Steve placed a single drop of refrigerated cold massage oil on each of his sub’s nipples.  "Play with them. Squeeze them until they're as hard as your cock.” Steve watched the display as Jean-Jacques obeyed his command.  “Your cock is so beautiful when it's hard like that. It wants my mouth, doesn't it?”

"Yes," J.J. groaned as he continued to pinch himself.

"Using only your thumb spread the precum around the head of your cock. Do not do anything else,” Steve ordered.

Jean-Jacques was silent and his body was screaming for more.
After several minutes Steve spoke again.  "Roll over on your side and pull your knees up so I can see your ass."

J.J. cautiously turned on the narrow table until positioned as he’d been told. 

"Hold out your hands,” Steve poured more oil into the palm of each hand.  “Rub them together then use your right hand to stroke yourself slowly and your left hand to tease the opening to your body. Don't enter, just run your finger across the sensitive surface—concentrate on feeling the sensations in your cock."

Jean-Jacques tried to slide a finger inside his hole.

"No, don't push; just rub your finger back and forth while you stroke your cock. Use the same motion over and over."

A groan of frustration filled the air as Jean-Jacques fought to hold back and to obey his Dom. 

Hanging onto the sound of Steve's voice, J.J. continued to stroke himself. 

"Picture me as I am dressed in well worn leather-- smelling like leather and sex. Find my scent, J.J.--focus on your hands and my scent. Know that you belong to me."

"Oh, yes."

"Tease your hole with your finger and think about me kissing your ass and imagine my hands surrounding your dick."

Behind the blindfold the vision was so real Jean-Jacques could feel and smell the things just as they had been described--Steve dressed in black leather, riding crop ready to strike, reeking of sex.

"Harder, Jean-Jacques, pump yourself harder."

Jean-Jacques’ breathing was ragged, and he arched his back.

"Stop!”  Steve ordered, "leave your hands where they are, don’t move them!"

"Please...,” J.J .begged. He laid still, his hands where his lover had ordered them.

“Beautiful baby, you’re so beautiful.”  Steve moved closer and let his finger lightly ghost over his sub’s lips.

Immediately the lips parted in anticipation, and Steve slowly slid his finger into the warm wetness until it was sucked in deeply. 

Jean-Jacques nursed on the finger; he wanted so much more, but knew it would only come at his Top’s pleasure. 

Steve cruelly raised the riding crop and brought it down in a stinging strike across the back of J.J.’s thighs.  He pulled his finger from his sub’s mouth, and the boy let out a pained and startled gasp.  “Sit up!”

Cock still raging and startled from the sudden pain on his thighs Jean-Jacques fought to obey the order. Steve took firm hold of the boy’s bicep and guided him off the table. “Move, boy.”  

Steve led the shaking boy a few steps to the spanking horse.  It had been designed to his own personal taste with padding and restraints where he wanted them; it would support his boy so that his body was not straining anywhere.  It stood at the proper height so that Steve didn't have to bend unnecessarily during scenes, and it was bolted to the floor allowing no possibility of movement.  Steve knew even a well trained sub like Jean-Jacques would give into the urge to squirm during a scene.

"I love you," Steve promised J.J. before he assisted his boy to lay face down on the spanking horse. Steve tucked Jean-Jacques’ genitals carefully inside a padded hole.  He fastened the restraints around his sub’s ankles and wrists and secured a wide padded strap over J.J.’s lower back to protect his kidneys. 

Steve took a long wide black plug and greased it before he pressed it against Jean-Jacques’ quivering hole.

"Ooooo," J.J. groaned and wiggled on the table.

Steve slapped the exposed ass. “Silence, boy.” He continued to work the plug into his lover. Once it was well seated, Steve stood back to scrutinize his work.  He adjusted the lighting, focusing three lights on Jean-Jacques’ body, so his boy could feel their warmth on his back.

"Are you ready, my pet?" Steve asked while caressing his boy's ass.


Steve turned on a low rhythmic music which filled the room. He kissed each of Jean-Jacques’ butt cheeks.  He began to swat J.J.’s ass to the beat of the drum.

Steve’s hand fell again and again, and Jean-Jacques' breathing now aligned with the beat of the drum. The music changed to something gentle and the insistent drumbeat disappeared. Steve kissed the reddened flesh of Jean-Jacques’ ass and sprayed a mist of cool water on it.

Jean-Jacques moaned.

Moving to the pegboard, Steve selected a ping-pong shaped leather paddle.  When the music changed for a third time, Steve swung the paddle.

Jean-Jacques sobbed.

Steve knelt so his face was close to his boy's. "I'm gonna take you flying, baby."

He continued to swat again and again

"Mon titan!" Jean-Jacques pleaded.

"I'm here, just like always. Relax into the pain. Be one with your body."

J.J. stifled a sob with the next blow.

"No, baby, let it go." Steve waited until after the next blow, and then continued his soothing litany. "Breathe, baby, deep breaths, count one, two, three, and let it go."

Steve struck again and talked through the breathing exercise. After another five swats, Jean-Jacques’ breathing had found the rhythm, and he was moaning as the paddle struck his ass hard.

Steve paused and ran his fingers under the lamb’s wool and leather blindfold covering J.J.'s eyes.  He carefully checked the wrist restraints, ensuring all was safe comfortable.  He lifted a cup of water and placed the straw between Jean-Jacques’ lips. "Easy, baby, just drink a little."

When Steve took the straw away, Jean-Jacques whispered, "Pee, I need to pee."

"Okay, baby, I'll take care of you." He kissed his sub's forehead. "You're such a good boy, and I love you."

Steve returned the paddle to the pegboard and reached under the spanking horse for the urinal, he got down on his knees under Jean-Jacques and slipped the plastic jar around his cock.  “Let it go baby.” When J.J. finished, Steve quickly took the jar and emptied it the en suite bathroom.

When he returned he picked up a heavy leather tawse. “Okay. baby?”

Jean-Jacques let out a soft moan of affirmation.  The sound of music changed again, and Steve raised the tawse bringing it down in a solid strike across the flaming buttocks before him.  He gave ten strong well-spaced blows before stopping. 

Steve knelt down and whispered, "I love you, baby, you're so good and so strong. I'll release you soon, and it'll be so good." He leaned over to massage Jean-Jacques’ shoulders. He stood and donned a pair of examination gloves, snapping the latex, causing the room to ring with its distinctive sound.

Jean-Jacques flinched.

Steve reached into the bucket of ice he had placed under the spanking horse prior to the session.  He grabbed several ice-cubes in his gloved hands and ran them over J.J.'s abused fleshed.

Jean-Jacques whimpered and shivered as Steve ran the ice along the inside of his legs and around his balls.

Steve dropped the ice back into the bucket, and then he removed the butt plug from Jean-Jacques’ ass. Taking a tube of cold K-Y from the refrigerator, he squirted the cold gel into his hand before he slipped his gloved fingers inside J.J.'s body.

J.J. let out a gasp.

Steve took a long thick dildo from the pegboard and smeared cold lube over it. He slowly inserted the dildo half way into Jean-Jacques. Once his submissive had accepted the rubber bulk, Steve began to fuck him with it.

Jean-Jacques was gasping for air when Steve removed the dildo and placed it in the bucket with the butt plug.

Steve gave J.J. more water through the straw, and took another dildo from the toy display; this one had a battery pack attached by a thin white wire. He eased it into Jean-Jacques’ ass and turned the small dial, causing the boy to call out to him

"Easy, baby, soon, very soon." Steve slowly rubbed warmed massage oil into Jean-Jacques’ shoulders while the vibrator continued to work in the sub’s ass.

Jean-Jacques was wild from the heat of the whipping and the stimulation of the vibrator on his prostate.  It was only Steve’s hands on his shoulders that kept him grounded. 

Steve moved in behind J.J. and slowly pulled the vibrator from his body.  He began to release the restraints and pulled the compliant body up. He hefted the smaller man up into his arms and carried him over to the satin sheet covered bed.  Steve gently laid Jean-Jacques on his back, and the boy murmured nonsense words as Steve gently positioned a wedge pillow under his butt.  Steve opened the codpiece on his leather pants to release his raging cock.  He lifted his boy’s legs up onto his shoulders and aligned himself at the rosy entrance.

“Now, baby!” He cried plunging his hard cock deep into his lover. 

Jean-Jacques was euphoric from the endorphins and adrenaline.  His need for sexual release was driving him out of his mind. It took only a few strokes before both men were screaming out their release: Jean-Jacques’ shooting across his abdomen, and Steve’s pouring deep into his lover.

A while later, Steve gently washed his lover’s body and Jean-Jacques looked up at him.  “Tu fais me voler plus haut que les étoiles. Je t’aime plus que les mots peuvent dire.”  

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