Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doms are so easy...

This is a short snippet from a new Steve and J.J. story Mel and I are working on...and it worked well for the September 2011 Tea Room Leather Challenge, so I thought I would put it out early. 

Title: Doms are so easy...
Characters: Cruz and Morgan
Author: Tarabeth

~*~      ~*~     ~*~ 

“OWE!” Morgan yelped, and clasped both hands over the now red hot handprint on his ass.

“Go change,” Cruz growled.

“I’m appropriately dressed.” Mischief sparkled in Morgan’s eyes. He wore a very tight and short tank top which read, “( · ) – Before and (O) – After,” and a leather snap cock ring.

Cruz landed another sharp smack.

“Boy, you have two minutes to change into something made of leather which appropriately covers your genitals and ass. The guidelines for server attire were clearly laid out in the service sub contract you signed. Now, if you refuse to change, I will spank you and then put you on a bus back to Toronto. I believe that was also spelled out in your contract.”

“Fine. Changing.” Morgan snapped.

Cruz landed another firm swat.

“What was that for?”

“Attitude.” Cruz answered. “Oh, and boy, I finish my shift at midnight. Want to play?”

Morgan smiled. These working Doms were so easy.

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