Friday, May 20, 2011

Le Petit Déjeuner au Lit

Written for the Loving Swats May 2011 Breakfast in Bed Drabble Challenge

Le Petit Déjeuner au Lit 
by Mel
Jean-Jacques carefully arranged the last of the items on the tray. Belgian waffle, fresh raspberry compote, maple syrup, whipped cream, crispy bacon, café au lait, vase with a single yellow rose from the garden, and the morning paper.  Perfection!
He opened the door to the bedroom and lay the tray down on the night table and knelt submissively beside the bed to await his dom’s return from the en suite. 
 Steve entered the room and smiled at the sight that greeted him, kneeling naked sub, cock encased in a chastity device, head bowed, hands behind back, freshly spanked bottom.  Perfection!

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