Monday, September 19, 2011

Everyone's Happy

Title: Everyone's Happy
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Laird, Yves, August
Warning: Porn without Plot
Author's Note: This is another vignette from the upcoming Steve and Jean-Jacques story that I'm writing with Mel.  I thought it fit the theme of the September 2011 Leather Challenge so I decided to share.  

Laird sometimes found it difficult to please both his boys at the same time—often this wasn’t an issue as the three men had different schedules and different libidos.  Since the threesome was attending the weekend of debauchery and depravity, Laird had come up with some ingenious new ideas to allow all three men the pleasure they wanted. 
Yves and August were dressed in matching leather kilts.  Laird was in his best fitting pair of designer jeans; he had a black leather harness fitted around each of his muscular thighs.  When the three men arrived in the dungeon, Laird took a seat on the strong and sturdy wooden dungeon chair.  He removed two well-endowed black dildos from his play bag and secured them within the cock rings of his leg harnesses. 
Laird spread his legs wide, and Yves and August turned and smiled wickedly at one another.  “Remove the kilts, boys,” Laird ordered.  As his partners removed their clothing Laird slicked his hands with lube and then thoroughly coated each of the cocks now secured to the tops of his thighs.
“Turn around, back up, and bend over,” Laird instructed.  Each of the men braced themselves on one of their dominant’s legs.  Laird slipped two fingers into each of his partners, causing them to writhe and moan with pleasure. When he felt that both men were well prepped, Laird commanded, “Turn back around, spread your cheeks, and slowly impale yourselves.”  As each of the men lowered himself onto the slick and waiting dildo, Laird undid his fly and released his raging hard cock. 
“Touch yourselves.”
Each of the three men took hold of their own erection.  Laird, Yves, and August added their grunts and groans of pleasure to the other sounds of men fucking that filled the dungeon, until they all shouted their climax as they spilled their cum over one another. 

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